Are you ready to explore Northwest Florida's archaeology and history? Forget your fedoras and bullwhips, and pick up a GPS device (or download a GPS app to your smartphone)! The DARC Geo-Trail offers everyone an outdoor adventure and chance of discovery...

Geocaching? What's Geocaching?

Geocaching is a worldwide scavenger hunt game. Players try to locate hidden containers, called caches, using GPS enabled devices and share their experiences online. Caches are often hidden very well, but are never buried or placed in areas in need of protection. To learn more about geocaching go to this official brochure or visit this website. You can also view this video. Please follow all basic guidelines and rules when geocaching.

The DARC Geo-Trail

A "geotrail" is a series of caches tied together by a common topic or theme. Discover your Florida history through museums and archaeological sites open to the public in the DARC Geo-Trail.

DARC stands for Destination Archaeology Resource Center, the museum at the FPAN Coordinating Center. FPAN has hidden geocaches at participating sites across Northwest Florida to form a geotrail called DARC Geo-Trail. All the sites on this geotrail are connected to Florida archaeology and are featured in the Road Trip Through Florida Archaeology exhibit at the Destination Archaeology! Resource Center in Pensacola, FL.

Adventure and Discovery

GPS unit with map

Players who participate in this geotrail will have the opportunity to visit many different types of archaeological sites at both rural and urban areas while looking for caches.

A few of the places this journey will take you:

  • Ancient earthworks built by Native American civilizations long before Columbus set sail for the Americas…
  • Plantations that fueled the southern economy and ultimately led the country into Civil War…
  • Remnants of fortifications once under siege during the American Revolution…
  • Antebellum industrial areas that powered the economy of Florida …

Chance to Win an Official DARC Geocoin!

The first 300 participants who record at least 12 sites will receive a traceable, special edition geocoin produced specifically for this geotrail.

To be eligible for the coin, please download the official DARC Geo-Trail passport. You will need Adobe Acrobat to view and print this document. Once you find a geocache, record the name, date, and code word (located on the inside of the logbook) in this passport and take a photo of yourself with the geocache container. The first person to find a geocache will find an FPAN item inside! Logo

Here’s how it works:

  • Log onto to retrieve the cordinates and location information for the geocaches. Badsic membership for site is free.
  • Search for the geocache online by GC code number or use advanced search by user name “DARC Geotrail.”
  • Locate at least 12 DARC Geo-Trail geocaches and record the code word from each geocache in your passport. Take a picture of yourself with the geocache at the site and post it to the corresponding page.
  • Bring in your completed passport to the address below or mail it in for validation. The first 300 people to complete the challenge will receive the coin.*
Destination Archaeology Resource Center
207 East Main Street
Pensacola, FL 32502
Phone: 850.595.0050 ext. 107

The DARC Geo-Trail is a project of the Florida Public Archaeology Network and University of West Florida. This project is supported by the Florida Park Service and the Florida Geocaching Association.

*Coins will be awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis as supplies last. Only one coin per person with a valid passport. Once your passport has been validated you will be rewarded with a DARC geocoin. FPAN and UWF are not responsible for any lost, stolen or misdirected passports or mail. All geocaches are officially registered at Participants will need to register at to retrieve coordinates and other location information for geocaches. Participants must log the find with a photo from the cache location. Basic membership to is free.