Tour de Fort

Tour de Fort is a bicycling tour of the archaeological sites along the Florida National Scenic Trail on Gulf Islands National Seashore Fort Pickens area. This program is officially part of the national campaign Let’s Move Outside! We meet at the auditorium/museum next to Fort Pickens for a short presentation and then head out on the trail. Total bike ride is approximately four miles in length. We will peddle, hike, and climb as we visit archaeological sites along the trail ride where we will learn about the archaeology, history and ecology of the area. Bring plenty of water, healthy snacks, sunscreen, sunglasses, your bicycle and helmet. Check the News link or our calendar for the next scheduled event.

Archaeology Café

At Archaeology Café guests can order food and drinks at a local restaurant and listen to an archaeologist explain some of their cool discoveries in a casual and relaxed environment. No lecture halls; just interesting and inclusive conversation with experts in archaeology, one of the most fascinating scientific fields. Archaeology Cafe is inspired by the numerous Science Cafés that have gained enormous popularity in cities across Europe and the United States. Check the News link or our calendar for the next scheduled event.

Archaeology Works: Hunting Tech

Ever wonder what prehistoric Floridians used before the invention of the bow and arrow? Come learn about this fascinating piece of prehistoric technology used to hunt everything from ancient woolly mammoths to modern squirrels. A short lecture will explain the origins and mechanics of this dart-throwing device. Next, participants can try their hand at it during our atlatl demonstration outside (weather permitting). This program is free and open to the public. Program is limited to 45 participants on a first come first serve basis. Check the News link or our calendar for the next scheduled event.

Archaeology Works: Pottery

Archaeology Works: Pottery

Pottery was a vital part of life in Florida for the past 3,000 years, but it is also an important clue for archaeologists today. In this program learn about different prehistoric pottery types from around Florida and the ways archaeologists use them to learn about people in the past. This program is free and recommended for all ages. It will be held inside the Florida Public Archaeology Network headquarters at 207 E. Main Street in downtown Pensacola.

Archaeology Works: Pottery

Pop-Up Exhibits

A pop-up exhibit is a short-term display created by the public based on a theme. The way it works is simple: people bring in one object that has a connected based on the theme for the exhibit. The object must be table top appropriate and can include anything that has to do with the theme. When they arrive they write their own label about the object and why they chose it for display (we will supply pens, paper, and exhibit space). During the pop-up exhibit people mingle with others, view the objects on display and have conversations. At the end of the night everyone takes the objects they brought back home with them. Check the News link or our calendar for the next scheduled event.

Preservation Pathways: Exploring Ancient Mounds

Why did ancient Floridians build large mound complexes thousands of years ago? What has archaeology taught us about these sites? How come some are still standing and others are gone? Come find out by joining DARC and HPCC for an urban hiking tour of some ancient Native American mounds in downtown Fort Walton Beach! We will talk about archaeological excavations of these sites and efforts to preserve and protect these non-renewable cultural resources. Check the News link or our calendar for the next scheduled event.

Dash through the Past

Want a fun and competitive way to explore the history and archaeology of the downtown Pensacola area? Join us for Dash through the Past, a run/walk scavenger hunt race! This race through historic, downtown Pensacola offers individuals or teams of two a chance to compete over a two-mile course for great prizes donated by local sponsors. Each participant will receive a map and a list of challenges on the day of the race. There is no set route or order in which challenges must be completed. Prizes will be awarded to first place and runner up. Registration is free and a donation of $10.00 includes an official FPAN reusable aluminum water bottle. Check our News link or our calendar for the next scheduled event.

DARC Geotrail

Geocaching is a worldwide scavenger hunt game where players try to locate hidden containers called geocaches by using GPS coordinates. A "geo-trail" is a series of caches tied together by a common topic or theme. Discover your Florida history through museums and archaeological sites open to the public in the DARC Geo-Trail. FPAN has hidden geocaches at participating sites across Northwest Florida to form a geo-trail called DARC Geo-Trail. All the sites on this geo-trail are connected to Florida archaeology and are featured in the Road Trip Through Florida Archaeology exhibit at the Destination Archaeology Resource Center in Pensacola, FL. The first 300 participants who record at least 12 sites will receive a traceable, special edition geocoin produced specifically for this geotrail. Visit the GeoTrail page for more information.