Olustee Battlefield Historic State Park

Civil War and Reconstruction (1861-1876)

Olustee Monument

Olustee, Baker County

On February 20, 1864, Florida’s largest Civil War battle took place in a pine forest in North Central Florida. The Olustee Battlefield Historic State Park commemorates the five-hour-long fight that resulted in 2,807 casualties, the retreat of Union forces, and the solidification of Confederate power in the western part of Florida until the end of the war. The most well-known regiment to participate in the battle was the 54th Massachusetts, one of the first and most famous of the African-American regiments formed by the United States during the war. In 1912, Olustee became Florida’s first designated historic site and today draws large crowds to its annual reenactment.

Olustee Reenactment

Did You Know...

  • Florida’s first designated historic site is the site of the state’s largest Civil War battle. Today, an impressive memorial to the battle erected in 1912 remains the centerpiece of the site.
  • Archaeologists have recovered many artifacts from the battle, including rifled bullets. Most of these bullets were identified as coming from the Enfield rifle, a British manufactured gun that both the Confederate and Federal soldiers used throughout the conflict.
  • Visitors can experience an annual reenactment of the event that brings the battle to life in February of every year.

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5815 Battlefield Trail Road
Olustee, Florida